Another Visit from Mr Mckim

The Minister for Education and Skills, Nick McKim, has again visited Dunalley to begin planning for the temporary Dunalley Primary School.

Mr McKim toured the site today with the school’s principal, Matthew Kenny, chair of the school association, Elizabeth Knox, architect Mark Dunbabin and a representative of Ausco, who will provide demountable facilities.

“There is a lot of activity at the school with backhoes and an excavator already working to clear the site of debris,” Mr McKim said.

“The community is remarkable and the spirit of the school community has been incredible.

 “We are doing everything humanly possible to have the temporary school operating by the start of first term next month.

“The Working Group set up to ensure the temporary school is up and running as soon as possible will hold its first meeting on Monday.

“Our first priority is the temporary school, and once it has been established, we will then work with the local community on planning for the new Dunalley Primary School.”


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