Update from Nick McKim

The Dunalley School Working Party officially met for the first time on Monday 14 January 2013.

Members of the group include:

  • Nick McKim, Minister for Education and Skills (Chair)
  • Colin Pettit, Secretary, Department of Education (Deputy Chair)
  • Liz Banks, Deputy Secretary Early Years and Schools, Department of Education
  • Andrew Finch, Deputy Secretary Corporate Services, Department of Education
  • Elizabeth Knox, Chair Parent Association
  • Jenny Eddington, President Parent Association
  • Matthew  Kenny, Principal Dunalley Primary School
  • Judy Travers, General Manager, Learning Services South, Department of Education
  • Michelle Foster, Facilities Project Manager, Department of Education
  • Mark Dunbabin, Dunbabin Architects

The group received a briefing on the progress of the school clean-up and plans to establish a temporary school on the existing site as soon as practicable.

The majority of discussions centred around working with the community to get the best outcome for all students.

A site plan is being developed and work has already progressed with the Sorell Council, Aurora, Southern Water and telephone companies. Temporary replacement buildings have already been sourced.

The group also discussed the need and level of support to be provided by the Department of Education for students, families and staff. As part of our ongoing commitment to students and their families, all parents will be contacted this week to discuss their child’s needs.

The Learning Services South team are also meeting with staff to ensure they are informed and supported.

It is pleasing to see that a large number of donations are being received. Given the donations are being received at multiple locations, it was agreed that Judy Travers would work with Learning Services South staff to establish a register of donations. Matthew will work with Judy to oversee this register.

The group is also investigating the possibility of cash donations being tax deductible. Once this is confirmed, information will be advised through a Minister’s press release.

The next meeting of the group will take place on Thursday 17 January 2013.

Warm Regards

Nick McKim
Minister for Education and Skills


Our School Now

Our School Now

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