Oh What A Beautiful Site!

“Here Comes the New School, Mum!”

2013 Jan 19_3362

It was suggested to someone who talked about documenting the re-building of the school that they should set up a camera and do some time-lapse photography.   But we don’t need time-lapse photography, it is all happening so quickly before our eyes.

Yesterday, it was magical to see the first buildings arriving into Dunalley and being lifted off the truck on to the oval.   Over the next few days there will be many more of these special deliveries – each truck carries half a building so there’ll be 16 in total to create our 8 buildings – and then we will see all of these pieces  being put together to create a wonderful new picture.

The people working on this site are totally focused on getting the buildings ready for the beginning of term.  There is so much purpose and goodwill in everything they are doing and they are immensely proud of the progress they have made   There are often obstacles in their way but they can only see solutions and for that we cannot thank them enough.


A site to behold!

2013 Jan 19_3400 2013 Jan 19_3374_edited-1

Another beautiful sight!! 

2013 Jan 18_3449_edited-1

“The three people on the left are Andrew Finch, Liz Banks and Judy Travers, all key leaders in the DoE and the tall, very supportive gentleman standing next to our Principal, Matt Kenny is Mr Colin Pettit, the Secretary of the Department of Education. All the others are (or will be) very familiar faces around our school. What a team!!”

On Friday our staff met for the second time this week at Dodges Ferry Primary School, which has been such a supportive neighbour throughout this extraordinary time.   Our Principal, Matt Kenny,  and all of our staff continue to focus on the needs and concerns of the children as we get all get ready for start of term 1.

They were joined there with and supported by the “we can achieve anything” team from the Department of Education, who have allowed and then made all of this happen.   Their determination to re-open the school for Term 1 and their care for our staff  has been immense and very much heartfelt.


6 thoughts on “Oh What A Beautiful Site!

  1. So you know Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village are doing a book collections for people of Warrnambool. We are asking people to donate a kids book to be sent down to you for your library rebuild.

    Expect to send books down once you reopen so will keep an eye of the blog.

    We have arranged freight to the site so all good and good luck with rebuild.

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