The school building site continues to change before our eyes. Today the administration building (our school office) arrived on site and tomorrow it will be another two classrooms.

The Engine Room has landed!

The Engine Room has landed!

By tomorrow the last of the debris will be removed from the old school site and it will be covered with loam and seeded.

For those who like a bit more detail, have a look at the site plan for the complete picture of the new (temporary) school layout
Once we move in, there will be plenty more work to do to complete the play areas and bring the grounds back to life. Many of the ground’s trees were lost in the fires and we would love each class to have its own raised garden bed to work on. We have had many offers of help in this regard (thank you!) so there is every chance the vision could become reality.
We will also need to get started on some stunning artwork to make our school a thing of beauty. Luckily we will have 130 fantastic little artists on site to get us underway!

5 thoughts on “LEAPS AND BOUNDS

  1. Just amazing! The spirit in this community is the most incredible I have ever known…I am proud to be a member but so very sad not to be there to help. We miss you and wish you all the best in progress for this great project!

  2. Looks marvellous ! Can’t wait to come down and see it for real. And before we know it a brand new state of the art school will be springing up from the ashes. Dunalley children will have the best little school in Tassie. (it already was but it will have buildings to match the talent !)

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