Since the moment the school rebuild was announced, a host of brilliant people have pulled together to ensure that our children will all return to school at Dunalley for Term 1. It will be a little over a month from when the fires destroyed our school until we have teachers and students back together again. It is astonishing to think that in that time a whole school catering for 130 students could be up and running after being reduced to rubble.

There are too many people to thank (although we’ll give it a go over time). Today’s big thank you goes out to those magnificent fellas and sheilas who have been on site day in day out, piecing together our new temporary school.

Men At Work.

Men At Work.

Each day there are around 30 workers on site – men and women from local construction companies, who specialize in bringing all trades together to see an urgent job meet its deadline.

Onsite, there is an air of efficient, good humoured industry as builders, plumbers, electricians and other essential trades work together to rebuild the heart of Dunalley and make it beat again. One worker stated that this is possibly the most enjoyable job he has been involved in. It isn’t without its challenges though – another worker commented that his mind is working 7 days ahead at all times, and doesn’t switch off until the work is done. They are confident they will be out before our children troop in to pick up where they left off last year – in vastly different surrounds.

So, as the way is cleared for the last 3 demountables to be slotted into place and hooked up for utility, THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH to a group of extraordinary construction workers – love your work dudes.

NB if you’d like to help show our appreciation to these hard workers, turn to the ‘How Can You Help’ page.

Pipe down fellas

Pipe down fellas


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