The Minister for Education and Skills, Nick McKim, said today that work on the temporary Dunalley Primary School is continuing and that the temporary school will be open to students on Wednesday 13th of February for Prep to Grade 6, and Thursday 14th for kindergarten.

Mr McKim paid tribute to the work that has helped ensure the school would be ready within the next two weeks.

“This is an outstanding achievement, and our thanks go to those dedicated people who have been working around the clock to ensure students would be able to return to school as soon as possible,” Mr McKim said.

“To have a temporary school established on a site that was razed by fire just weeks earlier is a tribute to the dedication and commitment of those many workers who have helped ensure the site is up and running.”

Mr McKim said that teachers will return on Monday 4 February and will undertake three days of professional development activities and infrastructure support.

“This will occur either in the school gymnasium or the Tasmanian Fire Service building at Dunalley.

“The first two days of the school year for students, Tuesday and Wednesday 5 and 6 February will be student free days followed by local excursions and activities on Thursday and Friday 7 and 8 February,” he said.

Mr McKim said that Monday 11 February was a public holiday and students will have another student free day on Tuesday 12 February to enable staff to organise furniture and set up for the year.

“One hundred and thirty students (130) from prep to grade 6 will start classes at the temporary DunalleySchool site on Wednesday 13 February with kindergarten students commencing on Thursday 14 February.

“Donations are being delivered on an ongoing basis to the school.

“I would like to thank the parents and teachers for their support during these difficult times.

“Everyone has all pulled together to give students an opportunity to begin the school year in their original environment,” Mr McKim said.


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  1. All the best Matt Kenny – Staff and Students…. your schoolrooms will soon be filled with joy, laughter and tears for many reasons… Art work, music, reading and writing will soon be displayed, played,read and written – new memories made, old memories not forgotten but celebrated….Merit & encourgement awards will soon be taken home with pride as is
    “Dunalley’s School History and Determination to Succed”

    With Heartfelt Warmth

    Ellen & Macayla Hansen

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