School’s In – it’s official!

On behalf of the Dunalley School Association, I would like to express our delight at the amazing progress made in establishing a temporary school on the Dunalley School grounds.   It is only three weeks today since the decision was made to build a temporary school and in that time the developments on site have been nothing short of a miracle.   The schedule to complete the school in time for a start on 5th February was always going to be very tight and we appreciate how hard the whole team involved has worked to meet that deadline.   We recognise that there may be a slight delay in the return to a regular school routine to ensure that the buildings are completely ready for the teachers and students alike.  But the relief of knowing that school life in Dunalley will resume as usual in our own community overrides any inconvenience that may occur in the short term.

We fully support the Minister’s decision to declare two student-free days for the 5th and 6th of February, with children returning to a modified programme on Thursday, 7th and Friday 8th , which will allow for the final handover of the completed buildings on the 12th.   We understand the need for a further student-free day on the 12th to allow for final preparations and classroom set-up by the staff in readiness for a return to a full teaching programme and normal routine on the 13th February.    To reach that point in a little over a month since the fires ripped through our township is an unbelievable achievement and all involved deserve our gratitude.   We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Elizabeth Knox

31 January 2013


One thought on “School’s In – it’s official!

  1. im so so happy our little school is comming togeather sam is off to high school but i will never forget our beautiful school that i also attended many many years ago when it was a high school big celibrations and thankyou all that has made our school come back togeather xxxx

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