We’re Back!

Dunalley Primary School launched into 2013 with a whole of school excursion to the Port Arthur Historic Site, a boat cruise, a gentle bushwalk around the waterfront and then an idyllic splash and play at the beach on Stewarts Bay for the afternoon.

Thoughts inevitably went to the people affected by fires at Molesworth and other parts of the state, but the weather was magnificent; the children delighted to meet up with all of their friends they had missed over the holidays and share their stories as they always do; the teachers had the opportunity to connect with their new charges for the next year; and the air was only filled with squeals of joy and laughter.

Lunch was prepared by a happy bunch of parents who had joined in the activities for the day and who shared the relief at having the children back to school at Dunalley. A perfect start to school!

2013 Feb 07_3666


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