On Thursday of last week we welcomed the newest members of the Dunalley School community – our precious kinder students. Twenty-two four to five year olds arrived for their very first day of school. We are very proud that they have a school to attend, only a week later than their peers in other schools!

Welcome little ones, you make our new (temporary) school complete.

We do not yet have parental permission to include pictures of the kinder students, but they are in there!

We do not yet have parental permission to include pictures of the kinder students, but here in the distance you can just see our wonderful kinder teacher – Mrs Steiner (not to mention our wonderful school).

On Friday, we had a surprise visit from Premier Lara Giddings, who praised the Dunalley community for the enormous commitment shown in getting the children back to school as soon as possible.

“It is a powerful symbol of a community which has not allowed its spirit to be broken by the devastation of fire and has instead regrouped and begun to rebuild,” Ms Giddings said. “An incredible number of people have worked tirelessly in a very short time to ensure that the students in the Dunalley area could continue their learning in their local community.”

Premier Giddings was unable to give us a definite time frame for the permanent school rebuild, saying “…it would certainly be more than 12 months, it can take a couple of years for these sorts of schools to be rebuilt but we’re conscious of the need to get that done as quickly as possible”.

Now that the students are settling into their daily routine, please rest assured that we as the School Association are utterly committed to and focused on seeing the planning process get underway as soon as possible so that the permanent community school can become a reality sooner rather than later.


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