From Elizabeth Knox, School Association Chair.

Support has come to us at the School in many ways. One of those which will benefit us into the future is financial assistance – and these donations have appeared in a variety of forms which are all relative in their level of generosity . . . Here are three special donations, among the many we have received…


Corporate assistance

Within only a matter of a couple of days of the fire, the Commonwealth Bank were at the recovery Centre at Dunalley supporting individuals and businesses at a time when there was little communication or access to the area. The State Manager, Darren Fraser, who is also a local resident affected by the fire, approached me about ways the Bank could provide support to the school at a time when we didn’t even know whether our temporary school would be built. On the morning of the school opening last week, at our School Gate Morning Tea at the Dunalley Fire Station, the Commonwealth Bank presented the School Association with a cheque for $25,000 to assist in the re-build of our permanent school to ensure that we have facilities that benefit our whole community into the future, as well as 8 new i-Pads, and swim backpacks for every child in the school. It was a very generous and supportive gesture from a national corporation for which we are deeply grateful.

2013 Feb 12_Pump House

Girl Power

Another amazing form of support has been people just getting together, more or less spontaneously, because they wanted to “do something” to help us. The Dunalley Primary Fundraiser held at Pumphouse West last week was a great example of these random acts of kindness. These three beautiful young Hobart women, Olivia Shekleton, Kirilly Crawford and Carla Johnson, who have no association with our School at all, just pooled together their talents, resources, friends and connections to plan a trivia and auction night at Pumphouse West. Without any hoop-la and with much respect for the time we had to devote to our own community, they quietly got on and raised over $10,000 on the night. Thank you to all who supported them in achieving this amazing result. We will honour their commitment to help us rebuild our precious school.


A Boy with a Big Heart – My letter to Sonny (aged 7)

Dear Sonny,

I wanted to write and say thank you for selling the ginger beer at your gate, with Oliver, to raise money for the school.

It is a very precious gift and I have carried the jar with me ever since your Mum dropped it off at home. I have taken it to all my meetings with Mr McKim and with the lovely people from the Education Department and when we have met with the builders on the oval and when we have had meetings with the teachers, because it reminds me every time how much you wanted the school to stay at Dunalley and how much you want a beautiful play garden and even more it reminds me that it will be the kids of Dunalley Primary School that will make it the best school around.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a school that is as beautiful as the Play Garden was on that one special day that we all got a chance to play in it together? It can be a school that all of us can be part of and it will be lots of fun to plan together. I bet you have plenty of ideas.

Always remember, Sonny, that you played your part in helping the school stay at Dunalley because you have such a big kind heart.

Love from Elizabeth.


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