On Friday the 4th of January 2013, our wonderful school was burned to the ground in the worst Tasmanian bushfires the state has seen since Black Tuesday in 1967.

pasted-file_87Dunalley Primary School was situated in the heart of the Dunalley township. It services families from a broad geographical area encompassing Eagle Hawk Neck, Murdunna, Marion Bay, Kellevie, Copping, Bream Creek and Primrose Sands. The school was established in 1885 and has a strong and proud tradition of academic and sporting achievement across all grade levels. The motto of “Striving for Excellence” underpins all we undertake.

The school facilities were extensive and include a redeveloped gymnasium, a cooking room, an art room, a new ICT centre, a drama room, five well resourced classrooms and a refurbished library. The grounds were expansive and attractive with an outlook across Blackman Bay. The teaching and learning program at Dunalley Primary is of the highest order with a central philosophy of “success for every child”.

The school values our partnerships with all members of the community and have welcomed opportunities to work with the local community through the Dunalley Neighbourhood house and the Sorell Council.


Our school

Reduced to this

Reduced to this


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