Back To School Details


Tuesday 5 Feb – Student Free Day, students do not attend

Wednesday 6 Feb – Student Free Day, students do not attend

Thursday 7 Feb – Prep to Grade 6 students return to school for a whole school excursion to Port Arthur and Picnic at Stewarts Bay.     The P&F needs volunteers for parent help and picnic duties for that day.   No uniform required  – beach clothes, bathers and towels.    Lunch provided

Friday 8 Feb – Prep to Grade 6 students attend school for whole school activities in and around Dunalley.   This include a visit by Hawthorn Football Club at 12 noon, BBQ lunch & football activities at the Dunalley Cricket Ground.   All parents and community members invited!   We would love some assistance with parent help for some of the morning activities if you are able to give up some time.    Please wear uniform with some footy colours, if desired.      Lunch provided.

Also Uniform Day – Fire Station – 9.00-2pm

 LONG WEEKEND – Feb 9th, 10th 11th

Tuesday 12 Feb – Student Free Day, students do not attend

Also Uniform Day – Fire Station  9.00-2pm

Wednesday 13 Feb – Prep to Grade 6 begin classes in our new buildings

Thursday 14 Feb – Kinder students begin

Friday 15 Feb – Classes as normal for all students K – 6


Book Covering Weekend    –  16th and 17th February – in the gym!

Furniture making and Classroom re-fitting  –  12th February


The Department of Education will be providing  full replacement uniforms to all students who lost their houses in the fires.   Stacey Belbin will prepare a kit for each of you which will be available on the two uniform days, being Friday 8th February and Tuesday 12th February, or please contact her to make other arrangements if necessary.

All students will receive the following uniform items, free of charge, on Uniform Day:

–          A new hat – to be embroidered with the students’ names by Fay MacDonald, Jenny Campbell, Carol Doddridge, Judy Branch and other lovely helpers;

–          A backpack and lunchbox – from a wonderful group of cash donations collected via the website;

–          Two new polo tops – courtesy of the School Association – one will be available on Uniform Day and the other will be sent home later once further stocks arrive;

–          A pair of Blundstone school boots or shoes, donated by Blundstones.   A selection of styles and sizes will be made available on Uniform Day and Stacey will arrange collection from Blundstones for delivery to students over the following week;

–          A library bag, hand sewn by a myriad of volunteers, will be handed to each child on their first library day;

–          The new blue/gold school dress will be offered to each girl for a much reduced price of $25 (normally $55) to herald a new start in our new school buildings.

Stacey Belbin has gone to an enormous amount of trouble over the holidays to ensure that our whole uniform shop and stock, destroyed in the fire, has been reinstated.   She has remodelled a bus to enable us to have a mobile uniform shop and has had to negotiate with our suppliers in order to ensure we have stock available for the start of term in very difficult circumstances.   She is a total gem who just quietly gets on with the job in hand –  we are very lucky to  have her in that role.   THANK YOU and lots of love to you from everyone on behalf of the Association.

From Stacey in the Uniform Shop…

A high number of uniform items have not yet arrived and will not be here until later in the week. As a result of this we will hold the uniform shop on Friday 8th Feb from 9am to 2.30pm (the day the Hawks are visiting)  and again on Tuesday 12th Feb from 9am to 2.30pm  (which is the student free day after the long weekend).

We have decked out one of our older buses as a Uniform shop and we will be situated outside the rear of the Fire Station.

We will hopefully have all stock on board by this date, with the exception of our Rugby Tops, which  will be a further 5 weeks away . These are handmade especially for us and the fabric shops only opened last week. They take quite a while to make.

A Lay-by system is being introduced this year to assist parents to purchase new uniform items.


Polo Tops S/S

All Sizes


Free 1 Now & 1 Later

Polo Tops L/S

All Sizes


Rugby Jumpers

All Sizes


Not arrived yet

Polar Fleece Jackets

All Sizes


Polar Fleece Vests

All Sizes


Cargo Pants

All Sizes


Cargo Shorts

All Sizes


Track Pants

All Sizes


Summer Dress

All Sizes


 Discounted to $25

Winter Coats



Not arrived yet


Adults 14-24 & 3XL


Not arrived yet

Socks, Navy/White



Girls Tights – Navy

4-6yrs, 7-10yrs, 11-14yrs


Scarfs & Beanies

Navy or Gold





FREE Donated

School Bags (given out with Stationery Packs)



FREE Donated

Library Bags



FREE Donated

Head Band or Hair Clips

1 H/Band or set 2 Clips



Yesterday, we had our first P&F fundraiser for the year, being the 2nd Farmers Market.     It was an amazing success.    Thank you to Ellie Emmett for all her ideas, support, cooking and ability to get most of the produce donated.   Thanks also to Ingrid Oakes for her organisation, the Kennys, the Deaytons, the Pauchets, LeeAnne Webb, the Sierzants, Jodie Wicks, Jackie Nattey, Meg Bignell,  Ange and Ella, Lockie Garth and other volunteers for their support on the day.   We raised over $2,000!!!

In the next 4 fortnights, we have an event at the Showground – a Bike Ride breakfast, another Farmers Market, the Bream Creek Show and then another Farmers Market.   They are great fundraisers and a wonderful way of parents getting together.    There will be a big focus on P&F activities this year and we would ask that you all get on board to support the building of our new school.


Levies will not need to be paid in 2013.


All bus services to Kellevie, Bream Creek and Eaglehawk Neck, including pick up and drop off points will remain the same.

The new entrance to the temporary school will be from Bay Street above the Dunalley Fire station. A new access has been created, and a bus turning circle will enable students to disembark the bus near the top end of the oval close to where the new administration building will be.


The school office will be temporarily housed in the Dunalley Fire Station. The school phone number has been diverted to this building and remains as 62 535 151.


Previous information given to Kinder families at the end of 2012 stated that we would have a ‘staggered start’ across the first 2 weeks of the school year. This stagger will no longer occur. All Kinder students will begin their school year together on Thursday 14 February

Below is a map showing the detail of the new school layout.

Please do not hesitate to call the school office on 62 535 151  for further details.


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