How Can You Help?

The Dunalley community deeply appreciates your help to get our school rebuilt and open for the beginning of this school year. To do so we will need significant help from the Federal, State and Local Governments to provide temporary classrooms and infrastructure. Additionally we are grateful for any help you or your business can give us.

Material donations to the school of educational aids, books, toys, stationery, musical instruments, etc have been wonderfully overwhelming (thank you so very much to those who have donated!) so from here in we would find the most benefit in cash or gift vouchers.  This will give give the teachers and support staff an opportunity to work out what they need once they return. It means that you can choose to direct your donation towards a particular facet of school life close to your heart.

There will be a degree of disruption at the beginning of the term as we settle into the temporary buildings and we will have contingency plans in place to take the children on excursions, art and drama visits, picnics, camps, etc so your support for these activities would also be appreciated.

If you are unsure where to direct your support, think creatively!  Think music shop vouchers, food vouchers for the breakfast club or the P&F activities, a boat trip, ABC shop vouchers, hardware store vouchers, stationery shop vouchers, movie money, plant nursery vouchers, art shop vouchers, visits from performers such as a circus workshop, a big top tent for shade, fabric shop vouchers, stress management tools (maybe staff might need a massage!), puzzle shops, etc.

Cake for the workers! The community has been sending in goodies like pizzas (thank you to Steph and Ben from the Waterfront Cafe), cakes and biscuits to sustain the efforts of the on site tradesmen as they toil toward opening time – if any locals would like to contribute, please contact to slot into the roster. Thank you!

Books for the Library: A huge thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Fullers Bookshop, Hobart. They co-ordinated and received donations of many many books for our library. Donations are now closed due to such a wonderful response. We are so grateful to both Fullers and to all those who donated books.

Book ‘Coverers’ Needed! As a result of this response to the book drive, we need help with covering them all! There will be a working bee to do book covering on the weekend of February 16th and 17th and we will need as many volunteers as we can get – we have about 1500 books to cover!  We would love it if you could set aside these dates, even if it for an hour or two. Book covering will take place in the school gym.

Furniture making and Classroom re-fitting  –  12th February. Further details to be confirmed.

Hardware (best served by sending hardware store gift vouchers to Dunalley Primary School C/ Dunalley Post Office, 160 Arthur Highway, Dunalley), or you might have good quality hardware goods, specifically:- workshop tools – hoses, sprinklers, garden tools: spade, rake etc hand tools eg; screwdrivers, hammers, saws etc cordless drills etc vice, extension cords, maintenance hardware

– chainsaw: chaps, mask, visor, hard hat, ear muffs

– wheel barrow

Cash – Donations of cash would be greatly appreciated to allow us to buy for the school some of the items listed above. Bank details of our School Association are as follows:

Account Name: Dunalley School Association

BSB : 067103

Account number: 10022607


15 thoughts on “How Can You Help?

  1. Please note that if you have something to donate we would appreciate it if you would email so she can direct you to the right area – everyone is being so generous we have had to separate needs and allocate a person to ensure we don’t accept too much of anything. If you can’t get Elizabeth keep messaging me via wordpress. Many, many thanks.

  2. To our friends at the Dunalley Primary School Association, we at Bellerive Primary School are incredibly fortunate to have a great fundraiser on our very doorstep … opening our School up for car parking for patrons attending Blundstone Arena. Tonight we set a record for the final Big Bash roster match between the Hurricanes & the Heat … we parked 166 vehicles and our total proceeds came in at $873.25. We are committed to helping you rebuild and we want you to know you are all in our thoughts. We hope you can make good use of tonights proceeds because they’re yours … we’ll have them in your Association account next week!

    • It is very hard to know what to say when we receive such enormous generosity. As a school association we know how valuable your fundraising is to your own school, so I hope you know how appreciative we are. Many, many thank you’s, on behalf of our school community, we are deeply grateful.

  3. Hi, I’m Katrina and I’m a secondary school teacher in northern Victoria, I’m in the process of organising a package of donated goods/vouchers for your school from our community, can you please advise where to send some donated gift vouchers to? Thanks!

    • Hi Katrina, that’s so wonderful thank you very much. Please send to Elizabeth Knox, Dunalley Primary School Association, C/ 20 Bay Street, Dunalley 7177
      Katrina please ensure your name and details are with the package so we know who and where they came from. And thank you – so much – again.

  4. Hi there,

    I work for a not for profit organisation in Victoria and we have sourced a range of computers, laptops, computer server, printers and fax machines that we are looking to donate and will also organise freight. Further to this we are running a drive with our staff to donate stationary and educational toys over the next week or so.

    What is the best process to organise this.

    Thanks Greg

  5. Hi Joy, thank you for your thoughts. We do have enough books but perhaps you could use your lovely idea for something else. I have passed on your details and someone will contact you soon. Many thanks.

  6. Have you got your BIke yet we want to do a fundraiser here on the northwest coast to try and help and try and get that bike for you?

  7. Hi,

    My two children both attend Dunalley Primary so I obviously wanted to help with the rebuilding of their school. We had a bake sale in my office last week and managed to raise $397.45.

    I will be matching the amount and my company, Plexal Group, have agreed to match it as well so we will be transferring $1192.35 to your account in the next few days!

    Keep up your fantastic work!

    Best Wishes, Dave.

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