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MELBOURNE REBELS RUGBY CLINIC – THANK YOU to the Melbourne Rebels and organisers for the rugby tips and the lifting of spirits. A great day. Dunalley-page0001

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE ORGANISERS AND CONTRIBUTERS TO THIS EVENT – Over $16,000 raised for the school – what an incredible effort.


From the organisers:

“Our community has been shocked and saddened by the recent bushfires in Tasmania. We feel strong empathy for how deeply the loss of the Dunalley Primary School has impacted its school and wider community. A school ties families and communities together; and in a small township like Dunalley, the loss has hit hard. To help the teachers, students and parents of the Dunalley Primary School community to get back on their feet, a Tasmanian fire relief fundraiser – a ‘Country Feast’ – is to be held at The Hutchins School. All monies raised from this event will be put towards assisting with the restocking of teaching and learning resources. Please join us on Friday 8th February in the Hutchins Senior School Quad for a delicious country feast and a few drinks, and relax to the sounds of SUGARTRAIN.”


As a result of this response to the Fullers book drive and many other generous book donors, we need help with covering them all! There will be a working bee to do book covering on the weekend of February 16th and 17th and we will need as many volunteers as we can get – we have about 1500 books to cover!  We would love it if you could set aside these dates, even if it for an hour or two. THIS WILL BE HELD IN THE SCHOOL GYM ON BOTH DAYS FROM WHENEVER YOU CAN GET THERE TO WHENEVER YOU HAVE TO LEAVE.



Wrest Point Sandy Bay Regatta is centred on a mix of events and activities on the water, beach and land and still honours the traditions of the community regattas of old. On the water the heritage events of sailing and rowing now include a Nippers life saving carnival where members of the public can join in some of the activities, a kayak challenge and a windsurfing race.

Field activities include family oriented sideshows, traditional games such as tug “o” war, sack races, Life Be In It activities, the scavenger hunt and the pie eating competition. One of the most popular field events has always been the Miss Regatta Girl Competition (Fashions in the Field), and today’s event is no exception.

This year the Regatta will be passing the hat around to raise money for the new school. Thanks heaps to organisers especially Emma Hooper.





12 thoughts on “Upcoming Events

  1. I can be there for the book covering too, many hands etc . . . And of course Irish Murphy’s to see my boys playing again !

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