Needs in Detail

When you put it all together, a school needs a HUGE amount of stuff to run effectively. If you can help with any of the below we would be very happy…


– Counters

– Dice- various sizes and configurations (e.g. dot dice and numeral dice)

– Materials for water play

– Materials for sorting (and sorting into e.g. baskets, containers)

– Pegs, bottle tops, buttons etc

– Pattern blocks (wooden are nicest to use but plastic are OK)

– Materials for play dough

– Kindergarten squares and other paper for shape work

– Jigsaw puzzles

– Playing cards

– Bead strings (in tens)

– Paper rolls e.g. cash register rolls

– Numeral cards

– Pattern blocks

– Kindergarten squares and other paper for shape work and early fraction work

– Popsticks for early place value (get at least 1000)

– Number lines

– Rulers

– Measuring tapes

– Scales (e.g. kitchen scales and balance pans)

– Capacity measures

– Basic calculators

– Hundred squares

– Ten frames (these can be made not bought)

– Board games

– Playing cards

– Bead strings (10 and 110)

– Paper rolls e.g. cash register rolls

– Numeral cards

– 3d shape models

– Base ten blocks

– Protractors (get full circle and half circle)

– Compasses

–  baskets or plastic containers to store all the bits and pieces in


To be advised


15 thoughts on “Needs in Detail

  1. Hi! I am a secondary relief-teacher, but I have heaps of worksheets and surplus teaching resources suitable for primary level which I could donate. I also have brand new books I haven’t used. Do you have a collection point? From Pam

  2. Thanks Meg! I live near Bellerive Primary School. Can you tell me their opening times please, or do they have a secure place for drop-offs if unattended? Pam

  3. I phoned Bellerive Primary School three times today, once leaving a message, but it was obviously unattended. If Campbell St Primary is better for you, I could probably do that Fri, otherwise 1st Feb is getting a bit too late. I will be unavailable until then. I will start sorting the TEACHER REFERENCE MATERIAL and WORKSHEETS tomorrow.

  4. Pam evidently Bellerive has a school holiday program running and are on site daily – this may not mean they are answering phones but staff are there to assist with drop offs. It may be you will need to go there and find the staff. It’s possible they are not visible from the front entrance but I’ve been assured they are there. I hope this helps.

  5. I dropped some things off the other day at Bellerive Primary. The holiday program is the door on the left of the main entrance door. There is a sign on the main door with details. If I found it ok it must be easy to find!

  6. Campbell Street Primary School will take donations Monday – Friday Just contact Trinette Newell 0447 464 857 and I will ensure I meet you at the School. 231 Campbell Street Hobart 7000. I am only as few minutes away from the school. Happy to help in any way we can.

  7. I am in Victoria but would like to send some Maths resources over. I can make up some tens frames easily – how many would be useful? and will hunt out some other resources when I head into school next week.

  8. I’m a home ec teacher with heaps of surplus gear, as I’m giving up teaching. Can you give me an idea of kitchen / craft materials you need. I’d be happy to help.

  9. Somewhere on Mels page I read about you assembling a collection of treasures, and mention was made of needing A Treasure Chest to put them all in.
    I have an old quite large curved top trunk… looks like a pirates chest !
    It was my Nana’s family trunk which was sent on ahead, or in the Train guards van when they went on holiday to Ireland from the UK. I am now 70 and I have no next of kin to leave it to, so I’d be glad if you could use it. It would be circa 1920/30. I would send you a picture if I knew HOW !! Arlene Roberts

    • What a lovely thought Arlene, thank you! The treasure chest sounds wonderful. I will forward your message to the appropriate people and hopefully someone will be in touch. Thanks again Arlene.

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